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Release Features

What is Crew List Sharing?

Currently in eAPIS a crewmember is associated with the sender id of the person who created the crew entry. The problem is that if an organization has multiple staff members creating or using crew list, the information is not sharable. With this new process users will have the ability to share owned crew list with other senders.


In the Crew Maintenance section of the website is a new function called Share Your Crew List.

Share Crew List

Selecting the Share Crew link will display the following screen. From here you can Add a Crew List User, Change Shared Access Code, and maintain your Crew List Users. First time users would not show any Crew List Users.

Add a Crew List User

This function will allow the owner of the crew list to share the names with another user id.

  • From the Share Crew List screen select Add Crew List User to display the next screen
  • Rules for this screen is as follows
    1. Valid eAPIS sender id, but does not have to be active
    2. Cannot be current user
    3. If the id is already assigned system will navigate back to the Share Crew List page
  • Make sure the SAVE button is pressed once the user id is entered

Initial Shared Access Code

This page is displayed the first time a user selects the “Shared Access Code” option from the Crew Maintenance page.

  • Users that have elected to share their crew list must establish a “shared access code”
  • This will be associated with new and existing crews

Add Crew List User (after)

At this point the user has added APIS*01B and APIS*56O to their shared crew list. Neither user has activated their status. The only action the owner can perform is to remove the crew list user.

Change Shared Access Code

When a crew list owner changes a shared secret all new users will be required to enter the new shared access code. Existing users will not be impacted.

Shared Crew List Memberships

For this example the user APIS*56O has logged in. Notice the Crew Maintenance screen has an additional function, Shared Crew List Memberships. The purpose of this process is to allow a crew list user to view the crew list they have access to and the current status. The current Status will either be Active or Deactive. The following screen shows the Active status and associated action.

Shared Crew List Membership

On entry to the screen the user APIS*56O would see that they have been given access to the crew belonging to APIS*25K. The current status is Deactive. The user would be able to activate by selecting the Activate link.

Enter Shared Access Code

The ID of the crew list owner is shown. The user will enter the associated shared access code to activate the sharing. The shared access code would have been given to user APIS*56O by user APIS*25K.

Shared Crew List Membership

Now the status is active.

Crew List

Once the activation of the list from APIS*25K was completed that crew list is now available to be used by APIS*56O.

Crew List

This example represents the user with no crew associated the their sign on id.